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Stargate SG-1

Aversion Therapy - Slash. Jack/Daniel. NC-17. When Jack and Daniel they are stranded in a snowbound cabin, Jack's accidentally betrays his true feelings for his teammate. Is this the end of their friendship or the beginning of something more? [16601 words]

Chill Factor - Slash. Jack/Daniel. NC-17. Existing relationship, small amount of angst but mostly soppy stuff and snuggling. Set after Fair Game and Forever In A Day. [7825 words]

In Dreams - Slash. NC-17. Jack/Daniel. The Hetari landscape is being destroyed by a Shaman with the power to enter the dreams of others. These peaceful people can only be saved in Daniel realizes the true identity of the ‘Good Dreamer’ who comes to him when he sleeps. Jack has seven days to make Daniel perceive the truth or else the Hetari tribe will fall under the power of the Shaman and Daniel will be imprisoned in hell forever. WARNINGS: Rape, bestiality, violence, bad language. [60168 words]

Perfect Setting - Slash. Jack/Daniel. First Time. When Jack is given the chance to attend a conference of allies against the Goa'uld he must first drink a potion that will reveal to him his “true self.” His self-revelation is as welcome to Daniel as it is surprising to both of them, but when Daniel is kidnapped by an unscrupulous bounty hunter, Jack has to put his faith in the Tok'ra if he hopes to ever see Daniel again.  [32240 words]

Temptation - Slash. Jack/Daniel. NC-17. First-time, small amount of H/C and angst but mostly soppy stuff and snuggling. [13880 words]

Yellowstone - Slash. Jack/Daniel. First Time. NC-17. Season 4. Daniel is persuaded against his better judgment to go on vacation to Yellowstone National Park, where he finds himself at the mercy of a grizzly bear, a river, and a very masterful Jack O'Neill [15686 words]